General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Cambridge Rambling Club: Enactment of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) from May 25th 2018: Privacy Policy


Cambridge Rambling Club is required to adopt the GDPR, in line with all organisations who hold and process personal data relating to their members. This policy explains how the Club is enacting the regulations.

What personal data is collected and how is it stored, updated and shared?

The personal data collected from members and held on computer file is restricted to name, postal address, email address and telephone number(s), i.e. landline and/or mobile. Honorary ‘life members’ of the Club are identified. This database also records those members who have explicitly requested that no Club Programmes or Newsletters should be sent to them. The master copy of the database is held by the Club’s Membership Secretary and it is updated whenever new information is available. For example, a member may move or change their email address; details of new members are added and people leaving the Club have their details removed.
The database, in Word format, is circulated to the Club’s Treasurer, Programme Secretaries and trip organisers once a year, usually in March. This enables all members failing to renew their annual membership, (due 1st November each year), to be removed before circulation. All officers are required to hold only the most up-to-date version and to destroy earlier copies. Security passwords are required to ensure confidentiality. All former Club officers who have been sent copies of the membership list in the past have been required to delete/destroy them.
Before the GDPR came into force, members taking part in Club coach/hotel weekend and coach day trips were asked to provide the organiser with details of a contact in case of illness or accident. This practice has now changed; members are requested to keep such details in a purse/wallet or in a rucksack pocket. (Members are advised that it is very helpful to carry such contact information on all Club activities, including local walks). Members may still be asked about any potential health issues and on coach weekend trips, food allergies etc, which should generally be given to the trip organiser. This information is confidential to the organiser, is not held on computer and is destroyed after the trip.

The Club’s membership list is NEVER shared with another organisation or commercial organisation, including our affiliated organisations (HF Holidays and the Ramblers Association). Also please note that if a Club member requests contact details regarding another member these will never be passed on without permission of the individual concerned.
It should be noted that currently, the Club has no child members (aged under 16). Additional security is required when holding personal data relating to minors.

What information is circulated to Club members?

The GDPR enable organisations to identify ‘core’ information which can be circulated to all members unless they explicitly make a request to ‘opt-out’. As a Club whose prime activity is providing a wide-ranging programme of local walks and walking trips further away, the following communications are defined as ‘core’:
Club membership cards – distributed once a year to renewing members
Club newsletters, currently distributed 3 times a year
Club walks’ programmes, currently distributed 3 times a year
Detailed information relating to a forthcoming walk, such as parking arrangements or lunch options, usually circulated by email to Club members walking with one of the regular groups
Information relating to a late alteration to a programmed walk or trip, such as a change in leader, area of walk or time, usually circulated by email to Club members walking with one of the regular groups
Detailed information relating to Club trips and events, sent to participants, usually by email
Follow-up of members failing to renew their Club membership without notifying the Membership Secretary or Treasurer
Information relating to the Club’s Annual General Meeting

Members are encouraged to receive as much information as possible by email as this is significantly less costly and more efficient for our volunteer officers. Club members can ‘opt-out’ of receiving the Club’s Newsletter, Programme and Membership card, by contacting the Membership Secretary. Usually, Club members receive emails about individual Group walks from the Programme Secretary(ies) concerned. However, if they do not want to be contacted by email they should inform the relevant Programme Secretary(ies).
All other information circulated to members is on an ‘opt-in’ basis. This includes promotion of events organised by and for local charities and other groups unrelated to walking. This is undertaken through individual Programme Secretaries, who must ensure that they restrict such circulation to members who have ‘opted-in’.
The Club accepts full responsibility for managing personal data and preferences very seriously.


Photographs of people taken in a public place are not covered by the GDPR and copyright relating to any reproduction and publication resides with the photographer. The Club will not identify individuals by name without their explicit permission.

Club website

Information about individuals posted on the Club’s website is as follows:
Walks’ leaders are identified on Programmes only by first name and telephone number
Key Club officers are asked to give permission for full name, address and telephone numbers to be published (President, Membership Secretary, Treasurer and General Secretary). All have ‘’ email addresses.

All individuals referred to in Newsletters are asked to approve the details of name etc published. The default is a first name only.


information is only posted at the request of an individual’s relatives.

24th April 2018

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