About the Cambridge Rambling Club

Our current walking calendar is here.

What is the Cambridge Rambling Club?

The Cambridge Rambling Club organises walks and social events, not only in the Cambridge area, but all over the country and even occasionally in Europe.

Is the Club part of the Ramblers Association?

Only slightly! The Club is separate from the Ramblers Association but is an affiliated member, supporting its work on maintaining and improving rights of way. Many Club members do however belong to both organisations. If Club members want to walk regularly with the Ramblers then they need to join individually. There are links on this site to both the national and local Ramblers websites.

The Club is an affiliated member of HF Holidays and links from this site show you the current holidays on offer.

What walks does the Club provide?

The Club generally offers a choice of two or three walks on Sundays, four on Wednesdays and one on summer Thursday evenings.  Sunday A walks are at a moderate/brisk pace, usually covering between 14 and 16 miles. Sunday B walks are taken at a moderate pace and are generally between 10 and 12 miles long. Both walks are ‘day’ walks; people bring a packed lunch with them although a stop may be made near a pub for some liquid refreshment. Sunday C walks are generally 4 to 6 miles long at a more leisurely pace and take place every two weeks, usually leaving the chosen venue at 10.00 and finishing at lunch time. We do not include a pub lunch as booking on a Sunday can be problematic.

Wednesday A walks start at 10.00am and last until mid-afternoon. They are usually 11-14 miles in length at a pace of around 3mph. Walkers are sometimes advised to bring all refreshments for the day, although lunch may be available at a pub.  Options are posted with the walk details online. Wednesday B ‘all day’ walks are around 6.5 to 8 miles at a moderate/leisurely pace and usually include the option of a pub lunch; the bulk of the walk is in the morning with a much shorter stroll in the afternoon. Wednesday B ‘am’ walks are 5.5 to 6.5 miles long and are completed in a morning at a moderate pace, including a stop for a refreshment break, using flasks etc. No pub lunches are organised, although there is nothing to stop people arranging their own meals. Wednesday C walks are up to 4 miles and are also completed in a morning. However, walkers often meet up at a pub for coffee before they start out, order lunch from the pub’s menu and then walk a circular route back to the pub. Details of lunch options are published online.

Thursday evening walks run from early May to late August. They are generally 5 to 6 miles long. Occasionally it is possible to eat at a pub after the walk.

For details of all walks, please see this website. To offer or inquire about a lift, please contact the walk leader, preferably a day or two in advance. Please note that currently most groups request that anyone planning to come on a walk contacts the leader in advance, usually by text. Details are currently maintained for 7 days afterwards, as we may need to notify participants of a Covid case.

The Club arranges regular trips to stay in other parts of the UK – up to 8 each year. These range from weekends in hotels to longer trips using self-catering cottages; there is a regular autumn week’s trip to the Lake District. Wherever possible there are choices of full-day “A” walks of 13-16 miles and moderate “B” walks of around 10-12 miles, these walks require a packed lunch and will also have a short morning break. On weekend hotel-based trips which use a coach from Cambridge, there are usually shorter “C” walks  of less than 5 miles as well.

One Sunday each June the Club arranges a “coach walk” , often to the Norfolk or Suffolk coast. Up to 3 walks are on offer. We also aim to provide a London walk one Saturday each spring.

How long are the walks?

Typical figures are as follows:

Sunday “A” – 13 to 16 miles, averaging 14-15 miles:  brisk/moderate pace

Sunday “B” – 10 to 12 miles: moderate pace

Sunday “C” – 4 to 6 miles  in the morning: leisurely pace

Wednesday “A” – 11 to 14 miles: moderate pace

Wednesday “B” (all day) – 6.5 to 8 miles: moderate/leisurely pace

Wednesday “B – M” (morning) – to 5.5 to 6.5 miles: moderate pace

Wednesday “C” – 4 miles maximum – morning only: leisurely pace

Thursday summer evenings – 5 to 6 miles: moderate pace

Can non-members attend walks?

Visitors and non-members are very welcome, but we ask regular attendees to pay the nominal subscription and join the Club.

Do I have to book to come on a walk?

You do need to give advance notice of your intention to attend most Club walks; the Club recommends a text, phone call or email to the leader.  If you need a lift or can offer one please  let the  walk leader know in advance.  We use the Club’s website as much as we can to provide precise starting points for walks – so please check in advance.

Can I bring my dog on a walk?

The presence of dogs is only  at the discretion of the walk leader. Many walks will be unsuitable if your dog is unable to negotiate stiles and locked gates. Naturally you are asked to keep your dog under close control, and always on a short lead. Please check with leaders ahead of the walk, who have the authority to refuse. Please note that only ‘assistance dogs’ are allowed on Wednesday C walks.

How do I join the Cambridge Rambling Club?

Please complete the application form. If possible, set up a Standing Order with your bank to pay your subscription automatically each November 1st, you will be emailed a form after you have sent an application form. You can also arrange to pay your subscription electronically to the Club’s account – details of the account are on the Standing Order form. You will be sent the latest Club  newsletter via email. Currently the walks are posted on the ‘home’ page of the Club’s website.


On joining the Club you will be sent a Membership card which is renewed each year. We have agreed a number of discounts with Cambridge outdoor retailers; all you have to do is present your card when making a purchase. Your annual subscription is soon repaid! There may be other discounts available, such as on self-catering holiday accommodation.

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