Update on the Club’s regular walking programme – organisation

Club members will be aware that the Government has withdrawn all legal requirements relating to Covid-19 and the Club’s Committee has discussed the implications for our regular walks and trips. But there is particular concern about the ‘Omicron’ strain and the fact that it is very contagious, so we would like to minimise the opportunities for onward transmission amongst our members! We also recognise that some of the steps we have adopted in organising our regular walks’ programme over the past two years have long-term benefits, such as booking on walks.

At present there is no appetite for returning to a published four month Programme. For the vast majority of regular walkers, posting walks on-line on the Club’s website is working well. Anyone wanting to join a walk has clear instructions regarding booking – by text, phone or email. And leaders are often unwilling to offer a walk more than two months ahead.

The Committee proposes that we should maintain a booking system for each walking group – with details retained for seven days, just in case we need to notify those present that someone has tested positive for Covid. The booking system has proved extremely useful when changes need to be made to a walk at late notice. The Committee also recommends that anyone feeling at all unwell should not come on a walk.

Although the Club has for many years agreed that each walking group can decide on a maximum number for individual walks, we would like to avoid limits unless absolutely necessary. We want to be inclusive, especially as we have many new members signing up in recent months. It is very discouraging if a new member is told that a walk is full and they cannot join in!

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