Vietnam trekking in 2012 with an ex-member

Life in Hong Kong is very different from the UK and South Africa!
However the best part about living here is the hikes, there are so
many, and not walks in the park either. I never imagined HK would
have such a variety of challenging hikes, some of them are harder than
some I have done In S Africa. I am so pleased as I always thought HK
was just a concrete jungle, or so it seemed when I was here 10 years
ago for 3 days, I was obviously in the wrong area.

A friend in S Africa and I are wanting to put a trip to Vietnam
together for next year, and are looking for people to make up a group
as the bigger the group, the cheaper the cost. I have been in contact
with a travel agent in Hanoi, Vietnam which will do tailor made trips,
the sample I have been sent covers a bit of seeing city life and the
countryside with some hiking as well. I have spoken to a few people
here and they all say what an interesting and cheap place Vietnam is.
I was just wandering whether any of the Cambridge trampers would be
interested in joining us?? At this stage we are working on July 2012
for 2 weeks.

I see Europe had an Indian summer for a while and seems to be back on
the path to winter, here we are having a lot of unseasonal rain, 2
typhoons and a few very wet days, I have been told it does cold here
in winter, hard to believe but apparently it does happen.

I miss Cambridge but am enjoying HK’s hikes, have done 3 so far and
there was nothing flat about any of them.

Hope you are all well.

Please contact Rowena directly

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