Managing Members’ Personal Data and Club Communications

Cambridge Rambling Club, along with all organisations holding and processing personal data, is required to abide by the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ after 25th May 2018. A ‘Privacy Policy’ has been drawn up and we encourage all members to take a look. The Policy explains what personal data is collected, how it is stored, updated and shared within the Club. The Club NEVER shares personal data with other organisations. Please be aware that the Policy relating to ‘next of kin’ and/or ‘in case of emergency’ contact details for Club members taking part in Club trips has changed. Participants will in future be required to keep such details with them, for example in a purse, wallet or rucksack, rather than pass them over to the trip organiser. It would additionally be useful if members followed this practice when taking part in local walks.

The Policy also details how the Club provides information to members. Most communication is considered to be a ‘core’ activity as it relates to the regular programme of walks and trips or managing membership. But occasionally a member may ask for details of other events, such as a charity quiz or concert, to be circulated to fellow walkers. In future any such emails require the consent of the recipient to be given – so you may be asked to ‘opt-in’ by a Programme Secretary.

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