‘Walking Partnership’ funding success

CRC members who have gone on ‘Ramblers Worldwide Holidays’ between 2012 and spring 2015 have earned the Club £1,260 – the second highest payment to any group in the country. The money has been invested in a number of projects, including increased publicity as well as practical schemes to improve our local rights of way. These include:

* two gates to replace stiles/fences in Toft

* a new gate into a community woodland at Cottenham, creating a circular walk in the village

* material to resurface water-logged paths in Dry Drayton

The Club will be following up ideas to improve access in other parishes – with particular interest in replacing stiles with gates. If you have any ideas, please let Jill know.

And please continue to nominate the CRC if you are booking a Ramblers’ holiday in future! The Club receives £30 for long-haul trips, £20 for holidays in Europe and £10 for hoilidays in the UK.

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