Dogs on Club walks – policy change

The Club’s Committee has recently discussed the policy regarding ‘dogs on walks’ and has agreed to a change. The policy adopted is as follows:

Any member wanting to bring a dog on a walk must check with the leader well in advance that this is acceptable; the leader has the right to refuse and shouldn’t feel pressurised to agree.

If the leader agrees, then the member is required to keep the dog on a short lead throughout the walk. The only exception is if the dog/owner is charged by a grazing animal and it is safest in this instance to let the dog go.

 This policy applies to ALL dogs with the exception of specially trained ‘assistance’ dogs (such as hearing dogs). ‘Assistance’ dogs can come on any walk, but will also be required to be kept on a short lead..

We know that some dog owners will be unhappy with this restriction, but there have been problems on recent walks. We are a walkers’ club, not a dog walkers club!

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