The Walking Partnership funds CRC

The Cambridge Rambling Club (CRC) has been accepted as a member organisation of The Walking Partnership, supported by Ramblers Worldwide Holidays.

Basically this means that if any CRC member makes a booking with Ramblers they can nominate the Club to receive a payment towards our costs. A UK holiday earns us £10 per person booked, a short haul (Europe) holiday earns £20 and a long-haul holiday earns us £30.

All you have to do is let Ramblers Worldwide Holidays know of your ‘nomination’ before you travel; you can even nominate the CRC retrospectively if you have already booked a holiday but have yet to travel.
Ramblers Worldwide Holidays gives its profits to charitable causes related to walking. We will use any funds received to publicise and promote our local walks’ programme.

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