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This post has not been kept up to date and the market for digital mapping is evolving quickly. OS has changed licensing, meaning that developers like Anquet and Memory Map can offer cheaper products. OS itself is closing “Get A Map” and replacing it with OS Maps on-line (expect increased subscriptions as they add new features) and they are now selling paper maps with special digital download codes. Members are requested to search the web to keep abreast of the latest products.

OS Leisure On-Line

The new look Ordnance Survey Leisure Portal is now live. If you want to plan, find some advice and information or get kitted out, it’s all here on your launch pad to the outdoors.

Click here for further information.

Experience a whole new world of online maps with Ordnance Survey getamap. Plot your own routes, print, save and share customised maps. If you’re looking for something new on your door step or planning a trip away, why not start here?

Try it out:

  • ~Create and share routes and maps
  • ~Search for routes from other members
  • ~Print Ordnance Survey mapping
  • ~Find places of interest and attractions
  • ~Check the weather and local news


Log in or create a new ID; it’s absolutely free. It’s then simple to search for a place name or postcode. Click on the Leisure tab to view and print A4 size maps at a scale of 1:25,000


Your launch pad to the outdoors.

Requires Microsoft Silverlight which is free to install although most Windows 7 users will already have the add-on.

OS 25,000 image.

Click here for the video.

All images: Ordnance Survey © Crown copyright

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