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Switch to emailed programmes & newsletters – if you want! With 2nd class stamps now 50p the Club’s Committee has discussed how we can keep costs (and also administrative work) down. One way is to offer members emailed copies of both the Programme and Newsletter. We don’t intend to force any change – but if you are happy to receive these documents electronically, rather than by post, please fill in the form below.

It will also be very useful to check that we have your up-to-date email details. From autumn 2013 on you will receive these documents by email. Posted documents will still be available for those who prefer them.

If you have changed your address / telephone then please add the correct information too.

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2 Responses to Email questionaire

  1. Alan Parks says:

    Will the “email programme” show the contact details of secretaries, organisers etc. ?

  2. Jill says:

    Hi Alan

    Yes, the email programme will include all the information you know receive on your programme, including details of Club Committee members.

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