Taking part in a CRC walk – August 2020

Taking part in a CRC walk – August 2020

A CRC walk is a group activity and everyone taking part has responsibilities not only for themselves, but also for their fellow walkers and members of the general public. This guidance has been developed in the light of Covid-19 and the critical importance of minimizing the risk of virus transmission.

Before the walk

If you feel unwell – then do not go on a group walk. Remember that as well as the main symptoms of a high temperature, a new continuous cough and the loss of, or a change to your sense of smell and taste, Covid-19 can affect people in many other ways.
Only go on a walk which you are comfortable with in terms of length, exertion required etc. The leader can answer any queries in advance.
Please note that there may not be toilets available – check with the leader if you have any concerns about facilities available.
Check with the leader that you have a place; numbers may be limited and walk details should include information about how to book a place.
Ensure that you have appropriate clothing, footwear and other equipment for the walk and weather forecast.
Please bring sufficient food and especially drink. A pub may not be available – so please check with the leader in advance.
Check that you have hand sanitizer and/or gloves with you, as well as a face covering. You are also responsible for bringing your own first aid kit.
Check with the leader if you need cash for car parking.
The leader is responsible for keeping a record of everyone on the walk, including contact details, for 21 days before it is destroyed and is essential for NHS ‘test and trace’. We suggest you text this information to the leader before the start of the walk.
Car sharing under current Government guidelines is restricted to household members and those in ‘social bubbles’. Unfortunately, the Club cannot accept responsibility for arranging car sharing at present.
Please note down the leader’s mobile phone number in advance in case you have problems en route to the start

On the walk

Please arrive at the starting place on time! The time advertised is for the start of the walk – not arrival in the car park…..
Please keep to appropriate ‘social-distancing’ guidelines throughout the walk. 2 metres plus is recommended wherever possible. Be aware when using gates and when approaching stiles! The leader will run through important information relating to the walk in a briefing before you start.
Please minimize the risk of virus transmission by using an elbow, glove or hand sanitizer when using gates, stiles and bridges with handrails. One Club member may assist the leader by opening and closing some types of gates, allowing the main group to pass through without touching the gate itself.
Refreshments and equipment such as walking poles shouldn’t be shared outside of household groups.
If you need a stop in the bushes, please let someone in the group know!
When there is a path junction, please check that the person behind you is aware of where you have gone.

Apologies for the long list of ‘Do’s and Don’ts’! We are living in difficult times – but we want to enjoy ourselves whilst behaving responsibly.
Happy walking!

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