About the Cambridge Rambling Club

What is the Cambridge Rambling Club?

The Cambridge Rambling Club organises walks and social events, not only in the Cambridge area, but all over the country and even occasionally in Europe.

Is the Club part of the Ramblers Association?

No. The Club is completely separate from the Ramblers Association. Many Club members do however belong to both organisations.

What walks does the Club provide?

The Club generally offers a choice of two walks on Sundays, three on Wednesdays and one on summer Thursday evenings.

How long are the walks?

Typical figures are as follows:

Sunday "A" - 13 to 18 miles
Sunday "B" - 9 to 12 miles
Wednesday "A" - 8 to 12 miles
Wednesday "B" - 6 to 8 miles
Wednesday "C" - 5 miles
Thursday - 6 miles

Can non-members attend walks?

Visitors and non-members are very welcome, but we ask regular attendees to pay the nominal subscription and join the Club.

Do I have to book to come on a walk?

You don't need to give advance notice of your intention to attend a Club walk. Nevertheless, if public transport is involved, or you need a lift or can offer one, it is advisable to contact the walk leader in advance. If the precise starting point of a walk is not given in the Club programme, and you wish to travel there directly, the leader should be able to give you directions.

Can I bring my dog on a walk?

The presence of dogs is at the the discretion of the walk leader. Many walks will be unsuitable if your dog is unable to negotiate stiles and locked gates. Naturally you are asked to keep your dog under close control.

How do I join the Rambling Club?

Complete the application form. If possible, set up a Standing Order with your bank to pay your subscription automatically each November 1st, by printing and completing the Standing Order form. You will be sent the latest Club programme and newsletter as soon as possible.