Parking Places

The following map showing potential parking places is to help Cambridge Rambling Club walk leaders plan a walk.  Zoom into the area where you are interested in walking, then click on a red marker to find details of a particular Parking Place.

Disclaimer. Parking Places information may change and the above is not guaranteed to be correct. Walk leaders need to make their own decisions about whether a Parking Place is suitable for their walk, including getting permission where required (e.g. Village Halls).

Coverage.  It is intended to include the main parking places that are used regularly for walks, but, obviously not all potential parking places. Pub car parks are not included here.

Map markers. Press on a map marker to see details for the Parking Place, including a link to the Venue page if it exists. There are also options to Zoom In and Get Directions from Googlemaps. The map marker has been positioned to point fairly exactly to the parking place – unlike post codes and grid refs which are approximate.

StreetView. If you want, you can use the StreetView facility to see photographs of the actual parking location. This may take getting used to if you’re not familiar with it. It’s best to zoom in first until you can see the street where the map marker is pointing. Then drag the “little yellow pegman” from the top left hand corner to the marker position and you should see photographs of the street, if they are available. Using the mouse, swivel the camera around or move up and down the street until you see the red Parking Place marker in the photo – the red marker gets bigger as you get closer to it.

Post Codes & Grid Refs.  Post Codes are approximate, particularly since many parking places do not have their own post codes. Grid Refs are also approximate, but are as accurate as they can be with six figures.

Please email any corrections, comments or requests to Paul Cutmore. Email

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