Chisholm Trail open from Cambridge North to Coldhams Common

At long last, on Thursday 23rd December 2021, the northern section of the ‘Chisholm Trail cycling and walking route opened. The route runs from Cambridge North station south, crossing the River Cam by a spanking new bridge next to the railway line – and continues across Ditton Meadows and then the meadow alongside the Leper Chapel. Here the path goes under Newmarket Road to pass a former gravel pit on Coldhams Common, joining up with existing paths as far as Coldhams Lane. The wide path provides a much nicer way for anyone walking from Coldhams Common to join the footpaths alongside the River Cam. Although designed as a cycle route, the path is wide and so far seems to be especially popular with walkers!

The next section of the route will link Coldhams Lane to Cambridge’s main railway station – but this is some time off!

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