Cambridge Castle Mound – need to preserve access to the Mound as a right of way agreed

View from Castle Mound.

Cambridge Ramblers applied for the path leading to the top of Castle Mound to officially become a Public Right of Way. This follows worries that access to the Mound could be withdrawn when Cambs County Council vacate the Shire Hall site. The County Council issued a “Landowners Deposit” on the site and  said “…we have always allowed public access, but we don’t believe it is a public right of way.”

However, Cambridge Ramblers believe that access to the Mound is a right of way and has been for at least the last 20 years.

In addition, some County and City Councillors have lodged an application for the Castle Mound and Shire Hall forecourt to be registered as a Town Green.

Update: Cambridge Ramblers have been successful and the footpath up Castle Mound is now officially recognised as a public right of way. Thanks to everyone who supported the application.

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