Club walks can resume from 2nd December 2020 – Ramblers’ advice

The National Body for Walking, the Ramblers, advise that local Club-organised Group walks can resume from 2nd December, as long as we adhere strictly to measures to keep our rambles Covid-secure. This means a return to the protocol for ‘official’ walks which we followed in the early autumn. Full guidance for both leaders and participants  is spelt out under the ‘Members’ section of our Club website.

Basically, anyone who wants to go on a walk must book in advance, providing contact details which the leader must retain for 21 days after the event. The leader decides the maximum number they are happy to include on the walk, which will generally be well below the maximum of 30 legally allowed. The leader must complete a ‘Risk Assessment’ in advance for each walk and retain a copy for a year; this pays particular attention to Covid mitigation measures.

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