Why organised walking groups can be 6+

Club members know that organised outdoor sport and physical activity has an explicit exemption from the current Covid rules which limit other kinds of gatherings to a maximum of 6 people. At present, such activity can take place anywhere in England, as confirmed by UK government guidance.  The proviso is that organised walks must comply with the rules and procedures that have been put in place by the Ramblers, the national body for walking, and Sport England. The Club, which is affiliated to the Ramblers, has implemented these procedures in full.

However, the general public is unaware of this exemption from the ‘rule of 6’. Club members on our organised walks have been challenged and we think it very useful if walk leaders carry with them information about our position – including why we are exempt. We encourage members to download a copy of our latest guidance on this issue, which has been posted in the ‘Members’ section of our website.

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