Walks around Cambridge in ‘lockdown’ – exploring permissive paths

If you are seeking out new paths to walk along, both in and around Cambridge,  please take a look at the useful network of ‘permissive’ paths made available by local landowners. Cambridgeshire County Council has a valuable set of maps, hidden away in an obscure corner of their website.

The Cambs CC maps website is a bit if a nightmare, but the definitive map is at https://my.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/myCambridgeshire.aspx?MapSource=CCC/AllMaps&Layers=row,row-TROs&tab=maps

There is a sidebar where, under Leisure & Culture, you can select Public Rights of Way, permissive paths, etc. It is very helpful once you have sussed it out.

It is somewhat surprising that the extensive networks of paths in the relatively new Nature Reserves and parkland close to Cambridge’s newest housing developments are not shown. But you can check out Trumpington Meadows on the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust website. Cambridge Past, Present & Future (CPPF) has downloadable maps of both Wandlebury and the Coton Nature Reserve and there is a separate map available of the Magog Down area.

Finally, we can report that the car parks at Wandlebury and Coton re-opened on Friday 17th April, having been shut after advice from the police a few weeks ago. This opens up a number of good walking routes. It is surely sensible to provide as wide a variety of walking opportunities as possible if we are to maintain ‘social distancing’.

Happy walking!

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